Intermediate Kiteboarder IKO Level 2

By the end of the intermediate program, you will practice getting up on the board for your first ride. During the course, you will improve kite piloting with power, one hand kite piloting, body dragging unhooked in to your harness.

Time required 6 hours, 2 Days

Cost: €240
Leve 1 + Level 2 = €330 (9  hrs)  Special Offer Semi Private
Entry Level: Kiteboarder level one or equivalent
  • Define the practice area is safe for practice
  • Set up and check the equipment alone ( kite, lines, control bar )
  • In the water, pilot the kite with power from one side of the wind window to the other, passing by the power area.
  • The pilot must be able to perform while piloting the kite at different heights from the water.
  • Perform the previous mentioned exercise while piloting wit one hand.
  • Know the water start there: board and body position, kite piloting.
  • Recover the board in deep water and position the feet in the foot-straps and keep the position while flying the kite
  • Stand up on the board and ride while moving the kite ul and down.
  • Set up a 4 line kite alone and check that it is properly done. obligatory at this point if it hasn't been done before.
  • Fly a 4 line kite
  • Activate the safety system s of a 4 line bar (power loop, leash)
  • Adjust a four line kite while using the power loop
  • Adjust the trim system of a 4 line kite to avoid it to fly backward or to adjust the power

End of Kiteboarder Level 2