Kitesurfing Courses




From Zero 2 Ride 

9 hrs group / 6 hrs private

€ 330

From Zero 2 Ride upwind 

12 hrs group / 8 hrs private

€ 420

Extra tuition / Refrsher  

After completing above courses

1 hr private

€ 40


1 hr

€ 10

Private lesson

1 hr

€ 55

Trial Introduction*

1 hr

€ 35

This is the perfect course for those who want to fly a small trainer kite and get a feeling of what kitesurfing is all about.
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3 hrs group / 2 hrs private

€ 120

The best way to discover kiteboarding! The first part of this program will take you through the steps of piloting a 4 line kite, on land and in the water.
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6 hrs group / 4 hrs private

€ 240

By the end of the intermediate program, you will practice getting up on the board for your first ride.
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3 hrs group / 2 hrs private

€ 120

During this program your kite flying skills will improve and you will learn how to control your direction and power, and come back to your starting point.
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*Courses are Semi Private (Group) max 2 persons per instructor. Incase of private session time will be less.

**Supervision does not include instruction and Gear.

Students are entilled to a 15% DISCOUNT on Shop Purchases and Gear Rental!

IKO (International Kitesurfing Organization)

Advance Courses

Duration / Hrs


Semi Private (Group)

1-2hrs (hourly rate)

€ 55

€ 35

3+hrs (hourly rate)

€ 45

€ 30




When able to Riding Upwind and want to Learn your first jump, the latest unhook trick or surfboard techniques.

IKO Courses info

Learn kitesurfing safely with our IKO certified instructors. We have friendly, willing & talented IKO instructors, ready to teach all the IKO levels, from beginners to advance. We also provide Jet Ski support upon request for our semiprivate or private courses.

Special Kiteboarding Packages in Cyprus

1 to 1 special packages guaranteed to provide you the ultimate learning experience.

The International Kiteboarding Organization

IKO Level standards
Level 1 (Beginner) – IKO L1
Level 2 (Intermediate) – IKO L2
Level 3 (Independent) – IKO L3


Our policy requires that all students wear appropriate safety gear, which is included in the lesson prices. All the kite control bars used by instructors/students and for rentals are fitted and must use a safety leash. 
All students learn how to use the safety systems early on. Lessons are only conducted while the wind conditions are below 30 knots.

Good to know Lessons (General)

All semi private courses are 2-3 persons with shared kite/board and one instructor.
Every Level has one hour of theoretical content (IKO STANDARDS) which is given on the beach or in the classroom, depending on the wind condition
No-shows/delayed students who have pre-booked and prepaid lesson time will forfeit their lesson.
Breaks are not included in lessons. If a student requests a break, it will be counted as lesson time.
In all lesson prices all gear is included.

Kite Lessons (Pricing)

 Booking fee is €30. A 50% of the course fee is payable on arrival and the following 50% before the second lesson.
On non completion of courses you will be charged the highest applied hourly rate for any course or lesson.
Courses need to be completed within the same season.
Kite Lessons (Refunds):
On completion of 80% of the practical part of the course no refund will be given.
Cash payments will be refunded. Vouchers will be refunded in goods from the shop 
(without Discount).
Check out our lesson policy for any info and questions.