Stand Up... and Paddle!

Enter submission and participate and participate in the 5th CYPRUS SUP CUP.

You are all are invited to this series of stand up and paddle races, irrespective of age, level and equipment. SUP is an activity which fascinates all, it's easy, it's safe, it’s exercise, it's keeping fit, it's for children, adults, men and women! 

1. Event Organiser
Kitemed, is organizing the 5th Pancyprian SUP (Stand up and paddle) CUP 2018. 

2. Races 
The CUP includes 4 races in Cyprus and the winners of every category will win a free airline ticket excluding taxesto fly to the final in Greece, to the crossing of the unique Isthmus of Corinth, at 30th September 2018 with Aegean Airlines!

1st Stop
Where:  Larnaca, Kiti / Softades Beach, Τhe Spot
When:  24 Jun 2018. Registration 08:30-09:00, Race starts at 10:00am

2nd Stop
Where: Begafico Sailling Club Protaras Ayia Triada
When:  End of July 2018

3rd Stop
Where: Windsurfers On Tour Limassol Santa Barbara
When:  9th Sep 2018

4th Final Stop
Where:  Larnaca, Kiti / Softades Beach, Τhe Spot
When:   16h Sep Registration 08:30-09:00, Race starts at 10:00am

3. Who can participate
All are entitled to participate in the 4th Cyprus SUP CUP 2018 irrespective of gender and age. 

In addition to the initial participation form for the Cup, each athlete can send a participation form for each race. The form can be submitted online at http://www.kitemed.com/sup/cyprus-sup-cup-2018 registration by completing the relevant form, or by a simple phone confirmation at +35799588642 (Panayiotis Kounnides) the latest 24 hours before the beginning of each race.

On the day of the race all participants must present themselves to the committee and confirm their participation one hour before the race starts.

The fees of participation are EUR 60.00 (for all four races in Cyprus) or EUR 20.00 for each race. 

4. Athlete Categories

  • Men
  • Women
  • Children under 14 years old.

There will be no categorization based on level of competency, i.e. amateurs and professionals. This event is a race-festival-celebration of the sport.

5. Categories of SUP boards and equipment
There are 3 categories:

  • Category 12’6” includes all boards smaller than or equal to 12’6”.
  • Category 14’ includes all boards longer than 12’6”.
  • FUN category includes all surf-wave boards equal or smaller than 12'0'' irrespective of length and all riders irrespective of gender or age.


Category's 12'6 and 14' distance will be 6km and the FUN Category will be 2km.


In the event where an athlete competes with a board different to the one initially declared, a penalty of 10 points will be imposed. If this happens in more than one race, then the athlete will change category and the 10 point penalty will be imposed per race.

Inflatable boards shall be classified in the categories they belong to according to their type and their length.

6. Advertising
The organizers may request that participants wear and place on their equipment adverts of the sponsors of the race. 

7.  Entry submissions
 Those wishing to participate in the 5th Cyprus SUP CUP 2018, need to provide the following:

  • Submission of entry either electronically or by sending the completed entry at The Spot.
  • Personal Declaration
  • 60€ (for the four races in Cyprus) or 20€ per race paid at The Spot or via paypal for the account sup@kitemed.com

The above must be delivered to The Spot, Kiti / Softades beach or submitted electronically at sup@kitemed.com.

All the above documents will need to have been received by the committee, the latest 24 hours before each race.

Entry submissions should preferably not be submitted on the day of the race, as relevant arrangements for the race made will need to be prepared in good time (food, beverages, lycra shirts etc). 

Lycra T-shirts will be provided to those who register online and in time for the race and are not returned at the end of the race and are to be kept as souvenirs. Please remember to bring your Lycra in every race. 

For further information please call 99588642 (Person in Charge: Panayiotis Kounnides)

8. Trials - Events
The trials which participants will be required to compete in will be based on the fundamentals of sprint and long distance.

9. General Participation Terms - Regulations

  • The place and time for the “Paddler’s meeting” will be announced separately for each race at www.kitemed.com and https://www.facebook.com/kitesurfingcypruskitemed.
  • For races abroad information will be provided by the relevant event organizer.
  • If you wish to participate in the race and do not have your own equipment, you can do so, provided you contact the relevant people in charge at the locations where the events will take place. All locations where the races will be carried out are water sport locations which can rent out relevant equipment. ATTENTION: The number of boards is limited and will be provided by order of priority. Contacts: Panayiotis Kounnides, +357-99588642 (Kitemed, the Spot), Chrystopher Bullant +357-97806228 (Begafico Sailing Club),Costas Symeonides +357-99436343 (Windsurfers on Tour Santa Barbara).
  • On the day of each race, you must present yourself to the committee, at least 1 hour prior to the commencement of the race and confirm your participation. ATTENTION: If you fail to do so you will not be on the start list and whether you reach the finishing line, will not count.

ATTENTION: · in ordered to qualify for the free ticket* excluding Taxes and get a podium position each athlete must participate in atleast Three races.

Upon confirming your participation you will be able to serve yourself at the athletes lunch

  • All participants are invited to attend the Paddler’s meeting to be informed of the details of the race. Participation of all athletes at the rider’s briefing is obligatory.
  • Riders who do not present themselves to the committee on the day of the race and do not attend the Paddler’s meeting are automatically disqualified from the race.
  • Competitors must wear the event lycra shirt throughout the races so they can be distinguished, for their safety and identification by the judges.
  • Use of a life jacket is obligatory for participants under the age of 17.
  • Objections will not be permitted, since the event is a race-celebration and there are therefore no grounds for objections.
  • In order to ensure the race is conducted without problems, the head of the committee and his fellow co-workers who will be supervising the race, shall decide whether anyone who is causing problems should be disqualified from the race.
  • In the event of a deliberate collision between SUP boards, or a strike with the paddle/or intending to cause the other to fall or to cause obstruction, this shall be punished with disqualification from the specific race and all other trials. Start off, turning and finishing points are exceptions to this, where jostling occurs in the attempt of the participants to turn and collision or falls may occur. In every case, a member of the committee supervising the specific area informs the person in charge, who will give an oral warning and proceed to disqualify participants if events are repeated.

10. Ranking List

  • At each qualifying race, every athlete according to the position he finishes in, shall receive the relevant points. The points acquired by his participation shall be equal to that athlete’s final ranking in the specific race. The first athlete will receive 1 point, the second 2 etc.
  • Based on the above, the best ranking is the one closest to zero.
  • The final ranking of each athlete shall be the result of the addition of all of that athlete’s results in the 2 qualifying races and the final.
  • If an athlete participates in more than one qualifying race, that athlete shall retain the best ranking.
  • The winner will be the athlete with the best ranking on the Ranking List after the end of the 2 qualifying races and the final.
  • To secure one’s participation in the final, one must participate in at least one qualifying race.
  • If an athlete participates in one race only, that athlete’s final ranking shall be the result of the addition of the ranking in the one race where that athlete reached the finishing line and the highest in terms of points ranking achieved by another athlete in the race with the most participations, plus 1.
  • In the event of a race being cancelled, the Ranking List shall be compiled by the results of the races which were carried out.

11. Safety
In order for the event to be conducted successfully and safely, during the course of the race, accompanying boats will be floating alongside the location and an ambulance and specialized medical staff will be on call.

12. Amendments

  • The present announcement can be amended if required.
  • The dates of the races can be ammended.
  • Unforeseeable circumstances and weather conditions may force the organizers to call off or change the dates of the races.
  • In the event of changes you will be informed promptly at www.kitemed.com or at https://www.facebook.com/kitesurfingcypruskitemed and for races abroad by the relevant event organizer.

13. Parallel Events

  • During the event there will be presentations of SUP boards, paddles and relevant equipment, in order to familiarize more people with the SUP sport.
  • At the events, there will be parallel SUP trials, such as sprint, relay races etc.


*Free Ticket to Greece does not inlcude taxes.