Frequently Asked Questions

 Lessons can be scheduled via email [email protected] or if you prefer call or txt Whatsapp us on +35799588642 , +35799548363. 

Booking fee

100% refundable Booking fee.

Please note that we require a booking fee of €30 per person  which is included in cost of the lesson and it is 100% refundable if the weather is not suitable for a lesson or the lesson is canceled 48hrs prior to the Lessons date.

The rest of the payment must be done prior to your first lesson in cash of with one of the below methods.

Free cancelation 48hrs before the course date.

Payment Instructions

You can make payment with one of the following methods:

  1. Revolut User: @kitemed   +357  99588642
  2. PayPal: payment to [email protected]. Please select payment to family and friends when making a payment with PayPal or add 5% Paypal fee.
  3. Bank Of Cyprus: IBAN :GB71 REVO 0099 7092 3374 63 BIC: REVOGB21

There is variety of accommodation available in the area.

From villas, hotel apartment to luxury hotels.

We have made contact with most of the options available near to us so when you make a booking mention Kitemed and ask for the discount.

Some options are: , www.Hotel-e.com

Please note that there might be cheaper options if you book online.

Yes please, we are positive that they will enjoy The Spot's relaxed atmosphere.

We have a snack bar on location with Free Wifi a shop and full facilities so they can rest at our place and watch you during your lesson or even try them self’s.

Walk in students are accepted if there is availability. We encourage pre-booking, especially for the weekends and during June, July, August, as we tend to fill up weeks ahead. We might accommodate last minute bookings especially during the weekdays.

Yes, we do sell and rent gear. Kites, boards and other accessories are available at our

Kite rentals are also available provided you show an IKO or relevant certification. See our rental page for more info.

Also storage is available.

We invite our students to practice under instructor/assistant supervision at the Spot or on their own if they have reached the independent level. 

Cyprus has some of the best kiteboarding locations in Cyprus but not all are accessible for kitesurfing. Please ask before you go to another Spot.

Once you finish your course you will most likely need a complete set of gear to get you started practicing on your own. You will have the option to buy a used first setup for around €800-1000 or new gear from €1700-2000. New kitesurfing gear is recommended for all students that exhibit good kite piloting skills.

Alternatively you can chose any of our rental options, form hourly to season rental.

We offer discounts for new gear purchases and rental for our students. We will also be happy to consult with you about your gear purchases. We stock a variety of different brands for you to choose from. You can visit for more info on gear.

A set of gear is:

  • Full size Kite & Pump
  • Control Bar w/Lines
  • Board
  • Harness
  • Helmet*
  • Wetsuit/Booties*
  • Impact Vest*
  • Hook Knife*
  • Optional*

Yes, you can scheduled. You will need to call us at least 48 hrs prior for rescheduling.

If the forecast doesn’t look promising we will try to contact you to either change the time or to reschedule for a later date of your choosing. If the wind dies during the lesson or the lesson needs to be called off by the instructor for any reason, the hours remaining will be done at a later time that same day if possible or at a later date.

For more info see our Lessons Policies.

We rely on nature providing wind for the lessons but it doesn’t always produce and sometimes when it does it’s too much. For most lessons a minimum wind speed of 10-15 knt is required. For student safety all lesson activities stop when the wind gusts exceeds 30 knt. We have a mid-lesson light wind policy for preview under Lessons Policies.

Since this sport is completely dependent on the wind, the lessons can start when the wind starts. In the summer season (May-Sept) we can plan on there being daily thermal winds. Sometimes the wind is up in the early morning but for most of the season it usually starts to pickup in the late morning 11:00 am to early afternoon hours.

Because of this and for your convenience, we try to adhere to our scheduled daily lesson times of 11:00-14:00, 14:00-17:00, 17:00-19:00. These times may vary due to the weather or individual needs.

Your desire to learn to fly! You will need to bring beachwear/swimwear, sunscreen. We have full facilities on site, such as a restaurant, WC, shower,  Wi-Fi access and a shop in case you  forgot your essentials.

Yes, we provide everything that you will need to learn. In addition we provide wetsuit, booties, harness and a floatation vest or if you prefer you can bring your own. 

Since we are located on an approved kitesurfing beach and with plenty of space available our lessons are contucted right in front of our school. 

You can find our location here

We run courses 7 days a week from April through to end of Octomber.

During the rest of the year we run courses on an individual needs.

Yes we offer gift vouchers  for all the courses we run.

Please contact us for vouchers and offers.


Lessons can start from as young as 14 and must weight 40kg if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Having taught people well into their sixties we invited all ages to try this fascinating sport! As long as there are no medical reasons why you cannot kitesurf, we are more than happy to teach you at your own pace. Ask for our Tandem Course.

We offer a variety of private or semi private lessons. Semi private lessons are maximum 3 students per instructor. Please check the various Kitesurfing courses and descriptions for more information and pricing.

Your first lesson , The Beginners Lesson (IKO Level 1, 3hrs) will be in the water shallow enough so you can stand during which you will learn to pilot a depowerable 4 line kite right from the start. This will allow you to bypass the trainer kite lesson altogether. Our newer more progressive teaching technique is one of the reasons why our students typically progress quicker with us.

Intermediate Course , (IKO Level 2, 6hrs) would be the next step.

After you can continue with Independent (IKO Level 3, 3hrs) and when finish that most students rent or buy, gear and practice a little. Then if you feel the need for some additional instruction, co back for a private lesson or an assisted downwinder /Safari course, and we can help you to perfect your technique.

Learning to kitesurf is primarily about proper kite piloting. Board skills are secondary. We recommend that anyone serious about learning to kite consider taking a minimum of 6hrs of private or 10 hours Semiprivate lessons (Max 3 Students per instructor). If you are uncertain then an 1hr intro class will give you a taste of the sport and the power of a trainer kite. If you are coming on holiday we recommend booking your lesson for the beginning of your stay, allowing a flexible schedule, if the wind/weather is not favourable for a lesson.

All of our students will receive an IKO Kiteboarder eCard. This card allows students to become an IKO members. With that you can purchase kiteboarding/travel insurance, rent kite surfing gear at IKO centers globally and gain access to kiteboarding locations that require proof of kiter ability in order to ride.

Once you have booked and paid the €30 booking fee for your course you will need to contact us to arrange a date. One or two days before  we will be in touch via Whatsapp to let you know what time the lesson will start. Please be aware we are wind dependant and days also book up quick. So please contact us with enough time to get your preferred date and time. Always provide us with a contact number incase we need to get in touch with you.

We have lessons for all levels, Beginner to Advance. Our lessons are either shallow water or deep-water depending on the lesson plan selected as well as current weather conditions. This gives you the opportunity to learn in a variety of environments, creating a strong foundation for your new skills. Please check out our Kitesurfing Course page for more info.

The IKO (international Kiteboarding Organization) has set up international standards of quality and safety for kiteboarding schools, instructors and the students. The high level of training, professionalism as well as the deep knowledge of the safety aspects of the sport held by our instructors guarantee the best conditions for learning.

As such we are proud to offer the highest standard of kitesurfing instruction available, having met all the IKO safety and quality standard requirements. Our friendly and experienced IKO instructors make learning how to kitesurf safe, fun and memorable.

Learning to properly pilot a kite and the use of its safety features from an IKO PRO Center with IKO trained and certified instructor, will allow you to safely kitesurf with confidence. This will also give you the skills needed to keep you out of harms way.

There are many different kite companies that produce a variety of kitesurfing kites, so having the opportunity to spend time with an experienced kiter will also provide you with better knowledge about kitesurfing, or kiteboarding, equipment. At our school we use friendly school kites from Naish together with shorth lines for your first lessons so we maximize the learning process and get the best results out of the lessons.

Kitesurfing kites are very powerful. Learning on your own or having a friend teach you how to kitesurf can be very dangerous. Teaching yourself can also be frustrating, leading to bad habits, mistakes and possible accidents.

Self-taught riders often damage their kites and hurt themselves while learning and as a result spend more money in the long run than they would have if they had taken professional kiteboarding lessons. Friends teaching friends will inadvertently leave out very important facts and safety topics when teaching because they usually don’t follow a set lesson plan or don’t have the training needed to properly teach the sport.

Learning how to kitesurf is a slow progression. You will get better with proper instruction and learn new things every session. The average student will usually be able to start riding for a short distance after about 9 hours of instruction and ride consistently after about an additional 5-10 hours of additional instruction or self practice.

It really depends on you! Most students will get on the board and be given the opportunity to ride in the second hour of water lessons(Level 2). Students that come in with board skills (windsurf, wakeboard, snowboard, surf, skateboard etc) easily adapt once getting to this stage. Sailing, windsurfing, or stunt kite experience also accelerates the learning process. None of these backgrounds are a replacement for instruction! If you do not have any of these backgrounds, you are still extremely capable of learning! ANYONE CAN just takes practice and commitment.