SUP Camp

A SUP  camp, also know as a SUP clinic or SUP workshop, is a trip with a small group of riders and a pro rider who, will become your personal coach in order to boost your level like never before.
This is a great way to improve your SUP skills, learn new tricks, meet other Supers.
At Kitemed we are dedicated to safety in and out of the water.
We have been teaching SUP since 2009 and we are still going strong!
Setting up SUP camps or SUP clinics just comes natural to us and this is the way to progress into the sport.



What is the minimum level required to participated?
Each camp has different requirements based on the instructor and the groups requests.
From beginner to advanced. Recreational or Race.

How many hours per day do I ride?
I depends on how much your body can handle! Usually we recommend not to ride very hard the first days because you won’t handle the rest of the course.
In general we start early with Yoga or SUP yoga session and stretching sessions
We then follow the instructor program based on the groups request/

I will be able to land my tricks or master my wave riding technic?
Maybe yes maybe not. It depends on how ambitious you are and how difficult the trick you want to learn is compared to your current level. 

How much does it costs?
Each kite camp has different requirements, so please check with us for more info.

Can I rent gear ?
Yes. A variety of gear is available.
Please book in advance.

Can I come with my partner?
Yes! If they kitesurf already they can ride around and enjoy the conditions while we will be coaching you.
I they don’t, they can relax at our friendly Spot or stay at the hotel.