Kitemed is ideal for learning windsurfing or progress to the next level.

This is the place where the wind never dies.

A consistent side shore wind with warm water and lots of sun you are sure our Team will be ready to help you to work on any skills you hope to master.

Teach with brand new Naish Kailua boards we are sure your learning experience will be very easy.

Introduction (2 hours) €110

  • Getting acquainted with the equipment
  • Uphauling
  • Sailing
  • Steering
  • Changing direction
  • Free 2hrs Rental

Level 1   - (6 hours) €250

  • Getting acquainted with the equipment
  • Wind and beach conditions – safety rules
  • Uphauling – positioning the board
  • Sailing stance
  • Controlling power and direction
  • Steering – riding upwind / downwind
  • Turning
  • Returning to the same position
  • 2hrs Free rental

Level 2  - (6 hours) €250

  • Assembling, rigging and carrying the equipment
  • Beach start
  • Acquiring speed
  • Fast turns – Gibe and Tack
  • Using the harness – harness lines
  • Getting into the foot straps
  • 2hrs Free Rental