SUP Easy lessons

SUP Boarding is among the fastest growing water sport in the world due to its accessibility, versatility and fun.

SUP is a very easy sport to learn, improves your balance and coordination.

Stand up paddle boarding is a relaxing way to explore the sea social and fun activity to do.

We teach SUP and offer SUP yoga classes. We also have SUPS for hire and we offer customised group travel experiences

As a relatively new watersport, SUP boarding has its beginnings in Hawaii, as a way for 1960's surf instructors to help teach their students. Stand up paddle boards look a lot like standard surfboards, but are built longer and wider to allow the paddler to stand easily and paddle with a canoe-like paddle. Paddlers are connected to the board by an ankle leash. The fun-factor of surfing combined with canoeing's ease of use gives the stand-up paddle board a wider appeal.

During our lessons, you will learn...

  • How to safely carry the board
  • Weather and paddling conditions
  • Care/use of board/equipment
  • Board design and outfitting
  • Choosing, sizing and holding a paddle
  • Mounting the board at a beach
  • Paddling in a straight line while kneeling and standing
  • Turning, braking and sweep strokes
  • Remounting the board in the water


1-2 Hrs (hourly rate)  € 10     
3-4 Hrs (hourly rate)  € 8     
5+ Hrs (hourly rate)

 € 7      

1 Day (daily rate)  € 30     
1hr  instruction

 € 20    

Includes board, paddle and personal floatation device if needed (PFD) rental.